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by Bosko Green

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Finally, Bosko Green has recorded a live EP!!!

Recorded with one voice, one guitar, one microphone and in one session in order to capture the essence of a live Bosko Green performance.
There is only one actual track comprising seven songs so, just like a live show, there can be no skipping or picking.

The songs are:
- Why Does My Coffee Taste Funny?
- The Hunter
- Hungover Remorse
- Like Stephen Fry
- Play To Win
- Roadkill
- Witches

The price of the EP was calculated at a simple 50p per song, please feel free to pay more if you can/wish as every penny made will go towards production of CDs and to lessen the cost of gigging, thank you.

For gig bookings please email

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released May 15, 2017

All works and production by Bosko Green




Bosko Green UK

Bosko Green is a constantly evolving artist who draws upon a vast array of influences to create a diverse, yet accessible catalogue of sounds. As an entirely self-taught DIY artist, Bosko Green is not restricted by rules or ambition for popularity and is therefore free to be truly expressive as an artist.

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